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At Used Bank Equipment.com, we specialize in helping banks, credit unions, businesses, etc., with solutions to their equipment needs and concerns.  We buy and sell, both new and used banking and financial related equipment, and strive to provide you and your organization with professional solutions and services in our efforts to help you, whatever your needs be.  

Available Equipment

1) Helping banks, credit unions, government institutions, businesses etc., with liquidating their excess equipment is our area of expertise.  We are always interested in buying quality excess equipment for our inventory.  And, with our extensive customer and dealer base we have acquired over the past 19 years, we strive hard to find you the most value for your excess equipment.  Let us make a difference in your bottom line, and help you with your used equipment.

2) We also like to work with those organizations that might have equipment that they have been unable to move, is too old or of no immediate interest, is still listed too high on the books to write-off, or many other reasons, through our Surplus Showroom.   We will list your item in our Surplus Showroom and bring it exposure to those hundreds of daily visitors that visit our website, and who might have an interest in it.  Contact us for more information.

Wanted Equipment

1) If savings and quality are important, then we have the answers with pre-owned refurbished equipment. With our various professional refurb partners located thru-out the country, we are able to provide our customers with high quality, maintenance eligible, refurbished equipment that meets or exceeds their requirements, at substantial savings.  The difference from 'new', is simply the price!

2) We also handle 'new' equipment, though not all types, and are very competitive in our pricing.  Contact us and let us help you on the items you are looking for.

3) Save time and stress looking for the items you need, by letting us do your leg work.  We have the contacts and know-where, to find the equipment you want, and at the best prices out there.

We look forward to being of service to you.


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